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The following issues of our quarterly newsletter The Spirit, including our Annual Report editions, and the newsletter for our Guardian Angel Dinner Dance are available for download in PDF format.

The Spirit - Fall 2021

Fall 2021

  • Finding the Motivation to Do More from the Safety of Linkages
  • Peers Helping Peers at the Riverbank Self-Help Center
  • Delaware House Providing Healing for over 50 Years (Part 1)

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The Spirit - Summer 2021

Summer 2021: Annual Report 2020

  • A Pause and… You Move Forward: Living with Mental Illness
  • Partnering on Vaccine Outreach to Speed up Pandemic’s End
  • Helping Children Find Stability after Dangerous Journeys
  • A Superhero Gives Back after Life-saving Help

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GABOH Newsletter 2021

2021 Guardian Angel Benefit of Hope Newsletter

Includes the 2021 Honoree Bios

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The Spirit - Spring 2021

Spring 2021

  • Empowered by Her Own Domestic Violence Recovery, An Advocate Aims to Inspire Others
  • The Future is “Fantastic,” Thanks to Treatment – And a Lot of Love
  • Finding Foster Care Support for a Very Full House
  • Single Mother Defies Pandemic Problems to Create a Safe Home for Her Family

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The Spirit - Winter 2020

Winter 2020

  • Committing to Recovery to Protect Her Family’s Future
  • Grateful for Help She Pays It Forward
  • Finding the Confidence to Be on Her Own
  • Finding a Job Brings Joy After Unemployment

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The Spirit - Fall 2020

Fall 2020

  • Young Immigrant Asserts Her Right to Be Here
  • A Young Father Builds a Safe Home
  • Group Home Helps Residents Transition to Independent Living
  • Donor-Advised Funds – a Better Way to Give

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The Spirit - Summer 2020

Summer 2020: Annual Report 2019

  • A Long Walk: Recovery an Ongoing Journey
  • Coronavirus Demands Creativity for this Essential Social Services Agency
  • Using Technology to Transform Lives
  • An Adoptee’s Long Search Brings the Joy of New Family

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GABOH Newsletter 2020

2020 Guardian Angel Benefit of Hope Newsletter

Includes the 2020 Honoree Bios

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The Spirit - Spring 2020

Spring 2020

  • Rejecting Homelessness to Build a Better Life for his Son
  • A Family Recovers from Trauma and Finds Another ‘Family’
  • Providing Immediate Relief at the “Urgent Care of Mental Health”
  • Surviving Domestic Violence Helped Give her a Powerful Voice

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The Spirit - Winter 2019

Winter 2019

  • Seizing a Second Chance at Life and Thanking God for Each New Day
  • Making a Beautiful Transformation after the Trauma of Domestic Violence
  • Striving for the American Dream
  • A Furry Friend to Comfort Kids in Crisis

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The Spirit - Fall 2019

Fall 2019

  • Making her Mother Proud by Prioritizing her Mental Health
  • Lifting her Family toward a Hopeful Future
  • Seizing a Second Chance to Change his Destiny
  • Sharpening her Language Skills for a Bright Future in a New Home

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The Spirit - Summer 2019

Summer 2019: Annual Report 2018

  • Finding the Sun After Years of Darkness
  • Changing the Conversation About a Taboo Topic
  • Giving Back After the “Blessing” of Help
  • Building a Tool Chest for Healthy Relationships

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GADD Newsletter 2019

2019 Guardian Angel Dinner Dance Newsletter

Includes the 2019 Honoree Bios

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The Spirit - Spring 2019

Spring 2019

  • A ‘Godsend’ at the Right Time for a Boy Struggling in School
  • Discovering Life Lessons After Surviving Trauma
  • Finding Big Rewards in Small Repairs
  • A “Life-Saver” in Quest for Independence

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The Spirit - Winter 2018

Winter 2018

  • A Roof over Their Heads
  • Taking Care of Other People through Legacy Planning
  • New Funding Prompts a Prestigious Visitor
  • Declaring Victory over Victimhood

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The Spirit - Fall 2018

Fall 2018

  • Finding Independence after Institutional Living
  • Reuniting With Family from Across the World
  • Overcoming Adolescent Addiction for a Brighter Future
  • Finding a Safe Home and a Path to Independence

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The Spirit - Summer 2018

Summer 2018: Annual Report 2017

  • Finding Peace and Inspiring Others
  • Continuing to Learn While Empowering Others
  • When Life Overwhelms Manage with Compassion
  • After the Pain of Separation Families Learn to Heal

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GADD Newsletter 2018

2018 Guardian Angel Dinner Dance Newsletter

Includes the 2018 Honoree Bios

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The Spirit - Spring 2018

Spring 2018

  • The Mindset of a Flourishing Writer
  • There’s No Place Like Home
  • Finding Help and Giving Help
  • Tears of Joy and Gratitude

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The Spirit - Winter 2017

Winter 2017

  • Knowing Who You Are Outside of Addiction
  • Heading Home One Step at a Time
  • A Safe Place to Learn and Heal
  • Navigating a Crisis and Building Coping Skills

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The Spirit - Fall 2017

Fall 2017

  • Positive Attitude Contributes to Success
  • Music Therapy Gives Child a Voice
  • Healing the Wounds of Human Trafficking
  • The Trauma Cannot Be Undone but There Is Recovery

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Summer 2017: Annual Report 2016

Summer 2017: Annual Report 2016

  • Moving Out: Caring Staff Eases Transition to Group Home
  • Making Ends Meet through Catholic Charities Community Services Programs
  • Path of Empowerment: Mother of Four Partners with Catholic Charities Providence House

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The Spirit - Spring 2017

Spring 2017

  • One Woman’s Journey to Wellness
  • Managing Homelessness in Central New Jersey
  • Michele and Madison: Healing and Growth Started at Catholic Charities

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