Employee Spotlight: Mental health advocate Sandi Kolla retiring after four decades

August 27, 2019

Working in mental health can be a stressful job, between clients in crisis, workforce shortages, burnout, and salaries that can lag behind those in other less-demanding careers. Consequently, it’s a profession with turnover rates that can climb as high as 70 percent, by some estimates.
That …

Breaking the cycle of injustice in the Latino community

August 2, 2019

What do you get when you cross a Puerto Rican native, star basketball player, proud father, devoted coach, and champion of the Latino community? The result is just one man: Roberto Hernandez.
Putting family first
Before Roberto was born, his father moved their family from Puerto Rico …

The Bohemian Superhero: How this Jill of all trades promotes peace and inclusivity

July 11, 2019

Donna Longuillo is the epitome of a renaissance woman. She is a disaster-response counselor, certified social worker, domestic violence responder, entrepreneur, cancer survivor, avid camper, mother, and grandmother, and overall, a bohemian superhero.

Governor: Drugmakers should pay “opioid fee” to fund addiction recovery

June 25, 2019

Gov. Phil Murphy is calling on New Jersey lawmakers to approve a new “opioid fee” on pharmaceutical companies that make or distribute opioids, saying the tax would hold them accountable for their role in the deadly opioid crisis while simultaneously generating money to help the …

The counterintuitive success of MAT: Using drugs to beat drug addiction

June 21, 2019

As long as addiction has existed, the most popular antidote has been abstinence.
Even after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved methadone to treat heroin addiction in 1972, quitting cold-turkey remained the most common recovery strategy for people dependent on drugs. The use of medication …

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