Social Work Month 2017

March is Social Work Month! Thank you – to all the Social Workers in our Agency who make such a difference in the lives of the people we serve!

Celebrated each March, National Professional Social Work Month is an opportunity for social workers across the country to turn the spotlight on the profession and highlight the important contributions they make to society.

Please click on the Play button to hear the National Association of Social Workers Public Service Announcement

Social Workers Stand Up!

Social workers stand up for millions of people every day. These include people who are experiencing devastating illnesses and mental health crises, our veterans, children, families and communities. Yet many people still misunderstand who social workers are and the invaluable contributions they bring to society.

This year we will commemorate Social Work Month with a “Social Workers Stand Up!” campaign. This campaign will educate the public about the contributions of social workers and give social workers and their allies tools they can use to elevate the profession. For more information, go to

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