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What Our Employees Say About Us



Service Area Director, Community Services

“What I most enjoy about my work is the opportunity to work with a group of talented people who are committed, compassionate, goal oriented, and dedicated to their clients’ recovery. I view my work and its impact on our families as a very important responsibility. Our program’s core mission is to assist clients to recover from the impact of Super Storm Sandy and place them in a safe, secure and sanitary environment. Re-building our communities and restoring their confidence to continue positively with their lives is in step with God’s law to love and care for one another. After 25 years of service in law enforcement and protecting and serving the people of my community, I chose to further my career in the area of continuing to help others, so Catholic Charities is the perfect place for me.”



Clinician II

“The opportunity to work with families to better cope with and understand the dynamics of mental illness is very rewarding. I have a very supportive supervisor who encourages me to think of new ways to promote the program and explore ways to provide better services. I love to help people and at Catholic Charities, I don’t feel suffocated by a rigid list of duties. In addition, I enjoy learning. Catholic Charities provides an abundance of professional development trainings offered regularly at no charge. The professional rewards of working for Catholic Charities are numerous. The agency is recognized as a reputable and highly respected program in the community. I am proud to tell others the organization I work for. My Colleagues are easy to get along with and always ready to help individuals in the community. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Community Services of Burlington County, Providence House and Delaware House, as well as other area programs to help others in need. I find my work highly rewarding. I personally enjoy talking with people about community resources and providing the support many individuals need during a difficult time. The impact of providing a safe, supportive environment for families dealing with loved one with mental illness is cannot be measured. Unlike other organizations I have worked for, Catholic Charities management is easily accessible and easy to talk to. Management actually shows their appreciation for the work we do through various methods throughout the year. Moreover, human resources maintain its competitive edge by providing a respectful benefits package for the employees. I believe that Catholic Charities mission is to alleviate the woes of all individuals via health supports, increased education, safe housing and access to community resources, regardless of religious affiliation. I do my best to provide these important features of living to all my clients as needed. I am glad to be an employee of Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton.”



Director of Information Management

“I find it very rewarding that the work done in my department helps individuals gain access to the programs that best meet their needs. The Access Help and Information Center and the Billing Department staff are in place to insure that we screen and refer people to the services that will help them the most while at the same time working with the programs to insure that they are reimbursed for the very important work that they do. This helps to support our mission to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in our community.” I am very fortunate to have a wonderful team and I enjoy the fact that we are often challenged to come up with more efficient ways of doing things or ways to meet external demands that are placed on our organization. Every time we are successful at meeting these demands we are supporting the work and mission of Catholic Charities. My personal experience as an employee of Catholic Charities has also been very rewarding. I believe that hard work does pay off and as part of this organization I have been able to grow in my career. On a day to day basis, when you enjoy what you do and the people that you do it with, it does not feel like work at all.”



Program Director, Community Services

“The opportunity to help those who are in need is very rewarding. Helping people move from a position of need to a position of self-sufficiency also provides me with courage and motivation. I am honored to be part of a team and have leadership that genuinely cares for people in need. We do more than offer assistance and support… we train, coach and encourage individuals to take care of themselves during and after they exit our programs. Our mission is in everything that we do. In more than 25 years of working in various human and social service organizations, I am proud to say that our employees are among the most compassionate. Our mission and our holistic approach serve us well in helping people achieve their goals.”

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