Meet Michelle

“Providence House of Catholic Charities not only saved my life, but empowered me to help others. They helped me believe in myself.”

Hope Starts HereMeet Michelle

Michelle, the mother of two children, was in an abusive relationship for 10 years without thinking of it in those terms. “The abuse happens so gradually that it takes a while to wake up and see it for what it is,” said Michelle. Despite her fears, Michelle followed up her call with a visit to Providence House and credits the program with “giving me my life back.”


“Having been given so much by Catholic Charities’ Providence House, I was inspired to help others. I have never volunteered in my life but I had such a strong sense of purpose about helping other women escape and survive domestic violence that I worked with Providence House staff and volunteers to establish the STOP (Survivors, Testimonies, Outreach, Prevention) Committee,” recalled Michelle.

In addition to serving as an original member of the STOP Committee, Michelle provides speaking engagements on domestic violence and has provided trainings to local police departments. “Providence House not only saved my life but empowered me to help others. They helped me believe in myself,” Michelle said.