Meet Dale Roberts

“It’s all about making young adolescent boys, without parents, feel loved and become successful.”

Hope Starts HereMeet Dale Roberts

Most of the boys under Dale’s supervision at Beacon House, a transitional housing program, have never met their fathers. A soft-spoken but authoritative figure, Dale is more inclined to think of his role as that of a coach or mentor, rather than a father stand-in. “I provide structure and general self-care education but I hang back and let the boys do as much for themselves as they can,” said Dale. “They are confident in my support and concern for them and never hesitate to approach me when they have a question or problem.”

Meet Dale Roberts

Dale has spent his life in the community where Beacon House is located so he often runs into former residents while grocery shopping. “One of the best gifts I have ever gotten was hearing someone call my name at the supermarket and turning around to see a successful, well-dressed young man who hugged me and thanked me for seeing him through tough times while at Beacon House,” said Dale.

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