Natural Disasters Crisis

Our hearts and prayers go out to those suffering as a result of the earthquake in Haiti and recent Hurricane Ida that have devastated areas like Louisiana and assessments are underway for damage in the Northeast. During this difficult time, it is critical for those impacted to know they are not alone and we stand beside them in both prayer and ministry through our Catholic social services network.

Over the past few days, Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton has received inquiries asking how to provide assistance to those in need. Throughout these catastrophic events, we have been in contact with Catholic Charities USA, our national network to identify resources to support those in need. At this time, Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton is directing all who wish to provide financial assistance to those impacted by Hurricane Ida to donate to Catholic Charities USA at the link below:
or mail a check to CCUSA, 2050 Ballenger Avenue Suite 400 Alexandria VA 22314

Donations for Haiti should be directed to Catholic Relief Services (Baltimore) at

Need Help? Call 1-800-360-7711
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