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immigrant support services

Immigration support

Thousands of immigrants enter the US each year looking for a better life. We offer these new and future citizens support during the long process of adjusting to their new surroundings and becoming active participants in their communities. This past year, 5,571 people received counseling, citizenship applications and legal services related to immigration from our programs.

Below is a list of our Immigrant Support Services. Click on the icon to view contact information for services in each county.


Legal Assistance Services

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Staff members assist consumers with the completion of immigration petitions and the translation of documents. Provides immigration information and referral.

Citizenship and Naturalization Classes

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Provides citizenship classes in the evenings to prepare consumers for naturalization.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

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In collaboration with St. Francis Community Center, these classes help non-English speaking immigrants with English language skills.

Educational/Enrichment Services

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In partnership with other county and communities agencies, consumers of Ocean County can take part educational services, which can include parenting or GED classes.

Immigration Services

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Immigration Services helping immigrants adapt to American customs and life styles. Certified case managers provide civil legal assistance that is recognized by the Department of Homeland Security.