help others

In 2011, we received 33 donated vehicles.

They were sold for a total of $10,720.

donate your vehicle

Have an old car that's taking up space?

Have a truck that's worth more to repair than its book value?

Dealer says it's not worth their trouble?

Then turn your old car into a donation that will make a difference right here at home!

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton is now accepting vehicle donations, giving you an easy way to help your local community with your unwanted car. No matter what the make or model, whether it's running or not, we'll come and pick up your car or truck and use it for a good cause. In return, you not only get the feeling of helping a local charity, but also receive an income tax deduction as well. In some cases, the deduction may be worth more than what the dealer will give you!

So don't let your old car or truck be a liability any longer!

Be assured that this information will be used solely to acknowledge our receipt of your contribution for IRS tax purposes and will not be shared with any other company or organization.

For more information, the IRS provides a Donor's Guide to Car Donations to help determine the value of donated property.  Click on this link to IRS Publication 4303 — A Donor's Guide to Car Donations

For frequently asked questions about donating your car, click here [PDF].

For more information, contact call 1-877-383-CCDT (2238) or contact Brian Woolford via email at